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New Orleans, LA



Matches 1 to 50 of 55

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARBEAU, Sieur Jean Baptiste Le Cadet  1722New Orleans, LA I3914
2 BARRÉ, Rosalie Charlotte  Abt 1741New Orleans, LA I375
3 HOPKINS, James Alexis  1784New Orleans, LA I1449
4 VALLE, Aspasie Pelagie  1792New Orleans, LA I2999
5 ARNAUD, Euphrosine  1795New Orleans, LA I58
6 MILTENBERGER, Gustave  Abt 1816New Orleans, LA I2149
7 NOTT, Corinne  1819New Orleans, LA I2420
8 MILTENBERGER, Aristide  9 Jul 1824New Orleans, LA I2109
9 de MARIGNY, Odile  1828New Orleans, LA I1854
10 POLLOCK, Marie Elina  1828New Orleans, LA I2533
11 POLLOCK, James  Mar 1830New Orleans, LA I2530
12 POLLOCK, George  1831New Orleans, LA I2527
13 MILTENBERGER, Marie-Amelie Celeste  1832New Orleans, LA I2099
14 MILTENBERGER, Marie Augustine Christine  1833New Orleans, LA I2203
15 MILTENBERGER, Ernest  24 Jun 1834New Orleans, LA I2131
16 POLLOCK, John F.  6 Jan 1835New Orleans, LA I2532
17 POLLOCK, Emma  Abt 1837New Orleans, LA I2526
18 HOPKINS, Alphonse  21 Sep 1837New Orleans, LA I1447
19 MILTENBERGER, James Amaron  1 Nov 1837New Orleans, LA I2158
20 HOPKINS, Aristide  10 Nov 1839New Orleans, LA I1448
21 HOPKINS, Aimee  9 Mar 1843New Orleans, LA I1446
22 MILTENBERGER, Ada  1844New Orleans, LA I2095
23 MILTENBERGER, Charles William  1847New Orleans, LA I2118
24 GAGNET, Lucie Josephine  15 Oct 1847New Orleans, LA I1098
25 MILTENBERGER, Christine  1848New Orleans, LA I2119
26 MILTENBERGER, George  1854New Orleans, LA I2290
27 MILTENBERGER, Anna  7 Oct 1857New Orleans, LA I2292
28 HEINE, Marie Alice  10 Feb 1858New Orleans, LA I1392
29 HEINE, George Henry  Mar 1860New Orleans, LA I1390
30 HEINE, Henry  Abt 1862New Orleans, LA I1391
31 LAPEYRE, Corinne  15 Jan 1862New Orleans, LA I1743
32 MILTENBERGER, Odile  26 Apr 1862New Orleans, LA I2218
33 POLLOCK, George W.  Nov 1869New Orleans, LA I2529
34 MILTENBERGER, James  1870New Orleans, LA I2157
35 MILTENBERGER, Alphonse  1871New Orleans, LA I2098
36 POLLOCK, John  1872New Orleans, LA I2531
37 MILTENBERGER, Lucia Amelie  6 Mar 1873New Orleans, LA I2176
38 POLLOCK, Robert  1875New Orleans, LA I2534
39 MILTENBERGER, Edwin John  22 Feb 1875New Orleans, LA I2125
40 MILTENBERGER, Wilford Louis  12 Oct 1876New Orleans, LA I2232
41 MILTENBERGER, Ernest  Apr 1877New Orleans, LA I2293
42 RICHARDSON, Corinne  10 May 1877New Orleans, LA I2605
43 MILTENBERGER, George  1880New Orleans, LA I2295
44 BOUNY, Marie Therese Jeannette  19 Oct 1881New Orleans, LA I637
45 MILTENBERGER, William Fernand  1891New Orleans, LA I2233
46 MILTENBERGER, Marie Louise  22 Feb 1907New Orleans, LA I2208
47 MILTENBERGER, Lucie  21 Mar 1908New Orleans, LA I2178
48 MENARD, Marie Josephine  26 Oct 1908New Orleans, LA I2071
49 MILTENBERGER, Marie Elise  2 Feb 1912New Orleans, LA I2204
50 MILTENBERGER, Gustave Francis  3 Aug 1912New Orleans, LA I2150

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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 QUESNEL, Marie Jeanne  16 Nov 1773New Orleans, LA I2568
2 VALLE, Marie Louise  1801New Orleans, LA I3014
3 BOSSIER, Bonne  20 Jun 1820New Orleans, LA I560
4 FAUCHE, Marie Jeanne  Apr 1822New Orleans, LA I1024
5 MILTENBERGER, Louis Cretien  16 Oct 1829New Orleans, LA I2174
6 HOPKINS, Alphonse  Aug 1839New Orleans, LA I1447
7 DORFEUILLE, Marie Celeste  1 Jan 1849New Orleans, LA I927
8 MERCIER, Marie Aimee  15 Nov 1858New Orleans, LA I2081
9 HOPKINS, James Alexis  6 Jun 1867New Orleans, LA I1449
10 BOSSIER, Joseph De Epifonia  2 Dec 1868New Orleans, LA I581
11 MILTENBERGER, Alphonse  28 Apr 1873New Orleans, LA I2098
12 MILTENBERGER, James  28 Apr 1873New Orleans, LA I2157
13 MILTENBERGER, Odile  7 Nov 1878New Orleans, LA I2218
14 MILTENBERGER, Augustine Eliza  16 May 1888New Orleans, LA I2110
15 HYSLOP, Catherine Josephine  21 Mar 1897New Orleans, LA I1497
16 MILTENBERGER, Ernest  1908New Orleans, LA I2131
17 POLLOCK, John F.  1909New Orleans, LA I2532
18 MILTENBERGER, James Amaron  1 Aug 1911New Orleans, LA I2158
19 MILTENBERGER, Wilford Louis  3 Feb 1921New Orleans, LA I2232
20 GAGNET, Lucie Josephine  4 Nov 1922New Orleans, LA I1098
21 MILTENBERGER, Marie Elise  6 Mar 1929New Orleans, LA I2204
22 BOUNY, Marie Therese Jeannette  10 Nov 1950New Orleans, LA I637
23 RICHARDSON, Corinne  30 Dec 1951New Orleans, LA I2605
24 MILTENBERGER, Lucia Amelie  25 Feb 1955New Orleans, LA I2176
25 MILTENBERGER, Lucie  4 Feb 1980New Orleans, LA I2178
26 MILTENBERGER, Gustave Francis  12 Nov 1988New Orleans, LA I2150
27 PETERS, Myrthe Marie  26 Feb 1991New Orleans, LA I2512


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MILTENBERGER / de MARIGNY  New Orleans, LA F3239
2 BOSSIER / FOGEL  1726New Orleans, LA F3200
3 BEAUVAIS / FAUCHE  6 Oct 1760New Orleans, LA F418
4 GRENEAUX / BOSSIER  11 Mar 1790New Orleans, LA F1144
5 Hurtboise? / BOSSIER  11 Nov 1794New Orleans, LA F1495
6 POLLOCK / MILTENBERGER  24 Aug 1824New Orleans, LA F2528
7 MILTENBERGER / DORFEUILLE  18 Jun 1831New Orleans, LA F2171
8 HOPKINS / MILTENBERGER  30 Nov 1835New Orleans, LA F1449
9 HEINE / MILTENBERGER  5 Apr 1853New Orleans, LA F1393
10 MILTENBERGER / GAGNET  Nov 1868New Orleans, LA F2158
11 MILTENBERGER / FORTIER  28 Dec 1875New Orleans, LA F2131
12 MILTENBERGER / LAPEYRE  28 Jan 1890New Orleans, LA F2118
13 KARST / PLAISANCE  14 Feb 1901New Orleans, LA F3219
14 MILTENBERGER / BOUNY  4 Jun 1903New Orleans, LA F2125
15 MILTENBERGER / MENARD  4 Jun 1934New Orleans, LA F2221
16 MILTENBERGER / FRENCH  15 Sep 1945New Orleans, LA F2115
17 MILTENBERGER / ELLIS  1 Feb 1947New Orleans, LA F2155
18 MILTENBERGER / PETERS  21 Apr 1948New Orleans, LA F2150
19 FERGUSON / MILTENBERGER  14 May 1949New Orleans, LA F1028